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Frequently Asked Questions

- Will you retouch and edit my photos before or after you show them to me?


    Typically I take a couple thousand photos during the wedding. My first step is to quickly go through them and eliminate the bad ones (eyes closed, out of focus, etc). Then, I compare similar shots and choose the best ones. These are the ones I edit and make perfect. After I edit them, I will install them on my website with password access for you, and I give the high resolution versions of them to you on a flash drive. Typically, I ask you to pick your favorites to go into albums, photobooks, slideshows, prints, etc. Overall, you'll end up with around 500-600 edited photos.

- Do you shoot film or digital or both?

     I shoot digital only, no film. That said, there are many ways of simulating the look of film by introducing noise and contrast during the editing process, and if you want that look, we can make it happen.

- How would you characterize your style of shooting? Do you take a lot of posed pictures or mostly candid? Do you go for artistic or dramatic shots?

     I like to think that I mix my shooting to include a lot of the spectrum of styles from artistic and dramatic to candid and documentary. I really try to capture 'moments' that you will treasure for many years, and if I can capture those moments in a dramatic way through the use of natural light and shadows, I will. Some portion of time, though, will be taking posed shots, both of ones you want with family and friends, and those romantic shots we plan together.

- Do you take video as well?

     Yes, I do take video of some of the more important actions, like 'the Kiss', the rings, first dance, cake cutting, dancing, etc. Obviously, I can't take video of the whole event since I have to devote most of my time to taking still shots. However, if I miss a still shot because I'm taking video, I can extract a still from the video during the editing phase of my workflow. If you decide to hire a separate videographer, we can coordinate so we don't trip over each other.

- We notice on your pricing page that you charge a fixed price for the wedding. Does that mean we get 6 hours of coverage or 8 hours or what?

     I generally don't limit my time at all, and I don't charge by the hour. On any given day, whether it's for engagement or rehearsal or wedding day or day after, I have reserved my time for however long that event takes - whatever it takes and for however long. There is no overtime charged, and the fixed price stays just that, fixed. The only constraint I have is with the economy package and that it is for roughly half of the wedding day and that would include the ceremony and reception.

- How much of your fee do you require up front and when is the rest of it to be paid to you?

     I need to have 25% at the time we sign the agreement, 50% the week before the wedding, and the 25% balance is due when I deliver to you the flash drive with all the edited files and the hardcover premium photo book.

- Will you be the actual photographer or will someone else do it, and do you have a second shooter with you?

     I will always be the actual photographer at your event, and I generally shoot it myself without a second photographer. I always carry two cameras on me, so I don't have to switch lenses or other equipment in order to get shots of the crowd and the emotional reactions of those watching the action up front.

- How long before we can see the edited photos, any prints, photobooks, or slideshows?

     I will have the edited photos posted to my website with password access for you and anyone you want to take a look, as well as sending you the flash drive within 1-3 weeks after the wedding. Once you have picked out which ones you want in a book or album or for prints, I can generally turn those around in about a week and then order the product if it is through a third party. I make my own prints on best quality archival paper, and I put together the slideshows with my own tools, so I can generally get you those items within days. Photobooks and albums are ordered through third parties, so we have to account for their lead time.

- If you aren't familiar with the location of the wedding, do you scout it out beforehand?

    Even if I am already familiar with your venue, I always visit beforehand the locations of your event to make sure I know aspects of lighting, how you have organized the layout, and any other aspects of your planning that might affect my shooting. If I have to travel a great distance to get there, I will make sure I arrive early enough to scope out the situation.

- Do you use a shotlist that we provide or do you sort of wing it?

     The only shotlist I need is for the posed pictures, the ones of you with parents, wedding party, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc. Also, any got-to-have shots you want to make sure I get. But, other than that, I will generally get the shots you want through the normal course of how I shoot. Also, I usually ask for someone to honcho the posed shots, someone who knows everyone and has the horsepower to get them where they need to be quickly and efficiently. It makes a huge difference in time and aggravation, and since the posed session usually occurs between the ceremony and the reception, having it organized means that everyone can get to the really fun stuff as soon as possible.

- Who owns the rights to your photos? Are there any limitations on how we can use them?

     Once I give you the edited images, you can do whatever you want with them. You can take them to the drugstore and make prints, you can send them to whoever you want to have them, no limitations at all - they're yours. In fact, once I post them to my website, you can share them on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever. I also have unlimited rights to use the images I produce as well, pretty much on my website to market my services to other potential clients who may be impressed with the photos I took of your event. One thing I will not do is sell them to third parties without your permission.


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